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Bionaire Steam Mop: The Eco-Friendly Mop You Always Wanted

  • Reasonable Price
  • Fast & Easy Cleaning
  • Steam Customization
  • Built In Heater
  • Our Rating

Steam mop is used in cleaning floors and carpets. Usually mop comprises of a tank to hold water of 750ml. the Water is heated up to some extent in order to clean the floor. In the present article, you will find the info related to Bionaire  Steam Mop and its features for your reference.

Bionaire Steam Mop

With the help of Bionaire Steam Mop, you can stop preventing the harmful chemicals entering in to the house. The power of steam will act as cleaning agent in the process. The steam mop is pretty easy to use and also easier to clean floors.

Salient Features

The Bionaire Steam Mop is environment friendly and you don’t require any detergent of chemicals to clean the floor. The steam mop is safer to use on all kind of hard surfaces. The mop is ergonomically designed, stylish, and lightweight in nature. The triangular base in the mop can be used to manoeuvre and deal with the hard-to-reach spots.

The working of the Mop is fast and easy. The Mop comprises of 500-watt heating element that generates immediate steam. The water tank can be filled with water pretty easily and you can make use of the filler and funnel for this purpose. This mop is good choice if you need to clean tiles. This is one of the best mop for tiles you can select from.

As far as pricing goes, you can find the Bionaire Steam Mop on Amazon for very good price:


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